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Sun Burn

When travelling overseas, many tourists and business people soak up the sun’s rays in excessive amounts. Returning to their home country red, roasting and occasionally blistered. If you intend to spend time in the sun please remember:

  • Sunburn is associated with skin cancer and by preventing sunburn you can lessen your chances of developing this cancer.
  • Always wear sun block, even on cloudy days. UV rays that cause sunburn can easily penetrate clouds and cause serious burns to unsuspecting tourists.
  • Limited quantities of mild exposure should be the rule when sunbathing, never attempt to get a tan that will last you the entire holiday at the first chance you get.
  • Those with very sensitive skin should start with factor 30+ and only work down towards the lower factors if they are not burning.
  • Tourists on skiing and sea adventure holidays are a particular risk of sunbathing and should take extra care.
  • Remember children get burnt very easily and they should wear sensible clothing that covers most of their body while uncovered areas should be protected by sun block products.
  • If you are in the unfortunate situation where you are badly burnt:

Remember that severe dehydration and sunstroke can kill.
Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and use the after sun creams to lessen the effects.


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