Corporate Travel Health Services

Our outsourced corporate health care solutions relieve our clients of the burden of organisational healthcare management. Allowing them to focus their attention on their core competence, leaving healthcare to healthcare professionals.


Our Edge

While there are many occupational health care providers capable of meeting minimum regulatory requirements, few can deliver the unique combination of Travel- and Occupational health care services. The Travel Doctor Corporate is rooted in Travel Health, with experienced in occupational health honed during years of service to the mining and construction industry.

We provide a single source solution for travel health, occupational health, health management consultancy and executive medical assessments in our well-appointed medical facilities.


Totally Outsourced Health Management

Services are tailored to the needs of our clients. Ranging from individual travel health consults to totally outsourced organisational healthcare solutions. We have the skills and experience to serve micro enterprises all the way through to multinational mining blue chips, who trust us with the delivery of fully managed on-site healthcare services. We jointly determine the ideal mix of health care management services required by our clients.


For the Love of Travel

We understand and appreciate the value and necessity of business travel. Specifically, we appreciate the value and necessity of healthy business travellers. Our goal is to ensure the wellbeing of business travellers before they depart, and to keep them so, while they travel.
We medically screen business travellers prior to departure (often combined with an occupational health examinations). Providing travel health advice, vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis and a personal medical kit with a range of medication for self-treatment in preparation for travel.

Our medical team stand ready to telephonically support business travellers and expatriates requiring medical intervention. Whether advice on self-treatment, referral to medical professionals in host countries or the co-ordination of aero medical evacuation, the Travel Doctor Corporate team is ready to assist. Coordinating and communicating with the traveller, the organisation and all stakeholders in-between.

Our perspective as travel- and tropical health experts, further informed by each traveller’s medical profile best positions our medical professionals to examine and refer any ill or injured returned travellers.

Ancillary Services
More than just a medical service, our support staff simplifies the logistics and administrative efforts required by our clients. Whether scheduling medical appointments, consolidating medical billing, performing medical case management or presenting monthly health status reports, our clients are assured of a pain-free health management solution.


Range of Services

• Travel Health Consultations & Travel Health Education
• Destination Specific Vaccinations
• Traveller specific Malaria Prophylaxis
• Personal Medical Kits (with scripted medication)
Pre-Deployment Medical Screening
• Occupational Health Examinations
• Executive Medical Examinations
• Post-Travel Medical Examination and referral
• Intra-travel telephonic medical support
• Corporate healthcare consultancy
• Medical evacuation co-ordination and oversight
• Organisational medical policy drafting
• Location-based health risk and medical infrastructure assessments
• Client-based medical staffing and outsourced clinical services
• Medical concierge and appointment services
• Managerial medical reporting and business intelligence

Let us contact you to tailor a corporate travel health solution to meet your needs


Tailored to Business Travellers, Expatriates and Remotely Deployed Personnel. Focused on Corporate Travel Health. Specialised in Occupational Health. Multidisciplinary solutions to organised health challenges.


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