Pre-Deployment Medical Screening

Understanding Risk

By coordinating, standardised medical screening of prospective business travellers, organisations are offered an opportunity to mitigate risk by removing the uncertain variable of employee health from their threat matrix.

When medical risk is understood it can be mitigated and managed.

Pre-Deployment Medical Screening considers the health profile of the prospective traveller in relation to both the medical risks at destination and the medical infrastructure that can be accessed from there.

Travel-tailored medical screening requires experienced insight to inform a decision on the deployment of an insulin-dependent diabetic to Toronto, in contrast to deploying that same candidate to Sangaredi.


My Team is Fit and Healthy

Data collected from 3000 Pre-Deployment Medical Screening candidates, spanning more than 5 years, indicate that most expatriates and frequent travellers are not quite as fit and healthy as they could be.

Expatriates are older than the average workforce with more than 60 % older than 40. Statistically this age group represents a higher probability of being affected by chronic disease, and other elements of deteriorating health.

Of the 3000 travellers screened, 42 % presented with medical conditions that placed them at elevated risk while travelling, or could cause significant and lasting health impact if left untreated.

Pre-Deployment Medical Screening identified many undiagnosed ailments and illness. It presented employees with the opportunity to seek early treatment, while allowing employers opportunity to make informed human capital decisions.


Benefit Beyond Insurance

Insurance, is an essential and inescapable component of travel health risk management. It is our view however, that it should be an instrument of last resort.

A pro-active Pre-Deployment Medical Screening programme aligns organisations with the ideals of the global compact and embraces the duty of care. It yields a happier healthier workforce who trust and respect their benefactors.

It further reduces the risk of failed deployments and the cost of:

  • Personnel replacement;
  • Demobilisation, new mobilisation and relocation;
  • Absenteeism and lost business continuity;
  • Potential claims and litigation.

While the expenses incurred in evacuating and treating an ill employee can often be recovered as an insured benefit, replacing a valuable team member who fell ill is much more difficult and hard to quantify.


A Hassle Fee Process

Once signed up, we take care of coordinating medical screening for your business travellers.

  1. Your human resources department requests screening for an identified candidate.
  2. Our Pre-Deployment Medical Screening team arranges a screening appointment with a network partner in the candidate’s home country.
  3. The candidate attends the medical facility for screening.
  4. We collect the records and pay the bills.
  5. Our travel- and occupational health physicians reviews medical records and declares the candidate “fit for travel”.

Medical screening in a prospective candidate’s home country makes the process more accessible to candidates, and eliminates the risk of incurring mobilisation charges for candidates who are unfit for deployment.

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