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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Whether travelling for business or on holiday, people’s behaviour often changes, inhibitions are left at home and alcohol consumption increases. Holidays in particular are about entertainment and in some countries the sex industry is very much a part of the ‘entertainment’.

Tourists who engage in sexual activity while travelling will expose themselves and their partners to risks such as HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B, Syphilis and Herpes.

Travellers should realise that their risk of exposure is increased in foreign countries:


  • Although the use of condoms limits the risk, no protective measure ensures complete protection and the safest sex with unfamiliar partners remains no sex at all.
  • In most cases travellers are overwhelmed by desire and left without inhibitions due excessive alcohol intake. By limiting the amount of alcohol you consume you vastly improve your ability to consider the consequences of a sexual encounter prior to the engagement.
  • Always take a well-known brand of your own condoms if you believe that the possibility for sexual activity exists. Quality and safety standards may vary between brands and also between local and foreign producers. Also consider that condoms might not be as readily available as sex.
  • Don’t be naïve enough to believe that you are only at risk of contracting STD’s when dealing with sex workers. Every prospective partner should be considered a potential disease carrier and treated with due care. Another common misconception is that only foreigners are risky partners. Meeting a guy or girl from your home country while travelling does not automatically imply that they will be low risk partners.


When considering a sexual encounter travellers should bear in mind:
  • The prevalence of STI’s in Sex Workers and in the world population as well.
  • The effects of contracting an STI such as HIV AIDS on your life and family.
  • The relatively short lived enjoyment of a ‘Casual Sexual Encounter’ vs. the potential long term effects of STI’st


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