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As Travel Doctor Corporate we have developed a unique client experience based on your specific needs. We offer an individual consultation for people travelling for leisure and work alike. As the world returns to pre-pandemic levels of travel, it is more important than ever to be prepared for your trip, from the once-in-a-lifetime summer job in Tuscany, to the long-anticipated honeymoon in the Atacama Desert and beyond.

Pre-travel preparation is very important before any trip, but especially so when travelling to remote locations.

It is imperative to see a travel health practitioner at least four weeks before travel. In this consultation, each client will undergo a personal health assessment which includes age, chronic conditions, pre-existing illness and risk factor assessment to tailor-make a travel health package that works for your individual needs and is within your budget.

Along with individual packages, we also offer solutions to travellers in groups. As with any travel medicine practice, this begins with good pre-travel preparation provided by our skilled clinic staff. If you are unable to attend your pre-travel consult at our clinic, we can provide advice and referral to a travel clinic in your hometown before you embark on your trip. We have a network of healthcare providers that can accompany a group of travellers on their trip in case of any medical emergencies. Our team are well trained and experienced in providing emergency care as well as basic medical services while you are travelling.

Our bespoke travel health services are available to all members of the public and to our corporate clients. An appointment can be made with the clinic directly and further enquiries can be directed at our administration team, who are reachable at


Tailored to Business Travellers, Expatriates and Remotely Deployed Personnel. Focused on Corporate Travel Health. Specialised in Occupational Health. Multidisciplinary solutions to organised health challenges.


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