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Travel Doctor Corporate has partnered with Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC).

Travel insurance is very important to cover you for any emergency illness or accident that may occur during your travels. It is important to read exactly what is covered by the insurance, especially if you have chronic conditions. Some insurance policies have exclusions for certain pre-existing conditions. Carry your health insurance card and copies of claim forms with you when you travel.

TIC offers a wide range of products to cater for all travel requirements including:

  • Leisure Comprehensive
  • Leisure Standard
  • Senior
  • Business
  • Annual Declaration
  • Youth
  • Local
  • Emigration
  • Incoming
  • Group Travel Cover
  • Cover for Expatriates
  • Global Medical Health Plans

TIC products include important benefits such as:

  • Medical and Related Expenses and Assistance Services
  • Evacuation
  • Cancellation
  • Curtailment
  • Personal Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Lost or Stolen Luggage
  • Travel Delay
  • Legal Assistance
  • 24-hour emergency assistance

All TIC policies carry the support of worldwide 24-hour emergency assistance.  If you are in an accident or become ill during your trip, you will have access to the expert medical care and travel assistance you need.

Please ensure that if you have a pre-existing or chronic condition, you are well prepared in advance for the trip. Your condition needs to be optimised before travel, so please see your treating doctor at least one month before travel. It is important to bring a letter from your doctor along to your pre-travel health consultation stating all your chronic medication.

It is strongly recommended that you include medical evacuation in your travel insurance and to check what exclusions your policy may have for your chronic condition. You may need to take out extra cover if any exclusions pertain to your condition. Please also ensure you are covered for any dangerous activities you may be undertaking during your trip.


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