• Measels

    1 Infected person will pass it on to 18 non-immune persons. The highly contagious disease is spread by droplets through the air & touching infected surfaces long after the infected person has left a room.

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    Yellow Fever

    “The Nigerian Government unilaterally implemented the use of electronic Yellow Fever Certificates (“E-Cards” ) from 1 July 2019. The cards are ONLY intended for Nigerian national travellers originating from and expats resident in Nigeria. There are several problems with the implementation of E-Cards: • The WHO have not been formally informed of the introduction of E-Cards by the Nigerian Government • NO country outside of Nigeria has the bar code readers / other electronic means to verify the authenticity of the E-Cards. • The WHO have stated clearly: “We will contact the National IHR Focal Point Nigeria to clarify their entry requirement for international travellers and remind (them) that as per the IHR, annex 7, the paper version for international certificate from international travellers should be considered valid.” Expats resident in Nigeria should avail themselves of how to obtain an E-Card from the Nigerian authorities well ahead of intended travel from Nigeria. There is therefore NO requirement for travellers to Nigeria to provide E-cards - just take your normal valid Yellow Fever Certificate along.”

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