A. Company Details:

The domain is powered by De Frey en Vennote Ing. (Travel Doctor Corporate) and is a business for Travellers : Public and Corporate, focussing on mitigating travel and occupational related health risks hereinafter: the “Company” or “De Frey en Vennote Ing. (Travel Doctor Corporate)”

De Frey en Vennote Ing. (Travel Doctor Corporate)

VAT Nr:  4940174529

Co Reg Nr: 2017/095638/21

P.O. Box 2938, Cresta, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2118

Tel:  +27 10 900 3013



B. General:

1.1 De Frey en Vennote Ing. (Travel Doctor Corporate) undertakes to accurately convey any information that it knows, about the various services it provides.

1.2 All the information related to the Various Services presented to the customer has been compiled based on the information at hand of the time of Website content creation. The Company undertakes to provide and present to the customer any material information or presentation in its possession, as received from various sources, and any information known, or which should have been known, to it, about the Various Services. However, the Company cannot be responsible or liable for the actual veracity of the information received from multiple sources.

1.3 Booking any of the Services is subject to confirmation of the booking by the Providers, which availability may not be known to the Company at the time of booking, and is not guaranteed.

1.4 The company`s operating hours are Monday through Friday between 08:00 – 17:00. Messages can be sent by email to

1.5 At the Company’s request, the customer will provide his/her  telephone contact details or be available to receive an email for receiving information required. The Company will not be responsible or liable for changes, and the consequences thereof, if the person cannot be located.

1.6 The customer will notify the Company as soon as possible of any discrepancy in the supply of any Services booked, in order to enable it to deal with any such problem.

1.7 The website may include links to other websites that offer other services or information. De Frey en Vennote Ing. (Travel Doctor Corporate)  will not be responsible or liable for the information, materials, products, or services included or accessible through these websites. All the services offered will be by direct contractual engagement between those websites and the customer, according to the terms and conditions of purchase, price, and the responsibility and liability of those websites. Use of these websites will be by the customer and at his own risk.

1.8 Making contact via the Website is tantamount to written confirmation, and constitutes confirmation for De Frey en Vennote Ing. (Travel Doctor Corporate) to send you information by regular mail or e-mail, as well as by telephone or text messaging systems, for marketing and advertising purposes. You may request to cease receiving such information in accordance with the  De Frey en Vennote Ing. (Travel Doctor Corporate) Privacy Policy, appearing on the Website and which constitutes an integral part of this document.

1.8 The prices shown are accurate current to the moment of publication on the Website, and may change. The same applies to schedules. These are correct for the moment when they are given, and even then, price and availability are determined by the suppliers and are subject to their final confirmation.

1.9. The customer may transfer to De Frey en Vennote Ing. (Travel Doctor Corporate) any complaint or request relating to the Services rendered, by writing to the Company’s Customer Service Department at the address indicated at the heading of this document, or by email to Unfortunately, we cannot process oral requests. The customer must retain all documents relevant to his / her complaint, including original receipts, vouchers, certificates and any other relevant documents, and be ready to present them on demand.

1.10. De Frey en Vennote Ing. (Travel Doctor Corporate) undertakes to transfer the customer’s complaint to the relevant parties where applicable, and to transmit any response received from them.


C. Privacy Policy:

Our Privacy Policy is published on the Website under the Privacy Policy, and forms part, and is a continuation, of the document of General Terms and Conditions.